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Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro

Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro

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Product Name: Black Shark FunCooler 3 Pro

Brand: Blackshark

Product Specifications:

Compatibility: Suitable for most mobile devices
Blackshark FunCooler 3 ProAdvanced cooling system for optimal temperature control Fan Speed: Adjustable high-speed fan

Power Source: USB Type-C

Noise Level: Low noise operation Integrated NTC Protection: Automatic disconnection at extreme temperatures

Material: Durable and high-quality construction

Color: Sleek and stylish design options RGB

Lighting: Yes, vibrant RGB lighting for an immersive visual experience Shark Arsenal App Compatibility: Control and customize settings with the Shark Arsenal app

Product Description:

Elevate your mobile gaming experience with the Blackshark FunCooler 3 Pro. This advanced cooling accessory is designed to keep your device at the optimal temperature, ensuring peak performance during intense gaming sessions. With an adjustable high-speed fan, low noise operation, and vibrant RGB lighting, the FunCooler 3 Pro combines functionality with style.

Say goodbye to overheating with the FunCooler 3 Pro's advanced cooling technology. Its powerful fan provides efficient cooling, preventing performance throttling and ensuring smooth gameplay. The fan speed can be adjusted according to your preferences, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between performance and noise level.

Designed for convenience and compatibility, the FunCooler 3 Pro is suitable for most mobile devices. Its USB Type-C power source ensures a stable and reliable connection. The integrated NTC protection automatically disconnects the cooler at extreme temperatures, protecting your device from potential damage.

Experience a visually stunning gaming environment with the vibrant RGB lighting on the FunCooler 3 Pro. Choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects to match your gaming mood and add an extra layer of immersion to your gameplay.

Take full control of your cooling experience with the Shark Arsenal app. Customize fan speed, RGB lighting effects, and optimize performance according to your preferences. The app ensures a seamless and personalized gaming experience.

Upgrade your gaming setup with the Blackshark FunCooler 3 Pro. Enjoy efficient cooling, stylish design, and unmatched performance during your mobile gaming adventures. Stay cool and perform at your best with this premium cooling accessory.

We express our sincere appreciation to Blackshark for granting us permission to use their product photos.

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