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RedMagic Turbo Cooler 4

RedMagic Turbo Cooler 4

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Product Name: REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4


Warranty: 6 months provided by ExSubs Store

Product Specifications:

  • Cooling Technology: REDMAGIC ICE 4.0
  • Cooling Power: Up to 26°C temperature reduction
  • Power Output: 15W
  • Cooling Chip: TEC Cooling Chip
  • Fan Design: 7 low-noise blades
  • Noise Level: Whisper-quiet operation, as low as 33dB
  • Mechanical Control Button: Yes, for adjustable fast cooling (2 modes)
  • Compatibility: Devices with a width of 66-87mm

What's Included in the Box:

  • REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4
  • User Manual

Product Description:

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4. This advanced cooling accessory, backed by the trusted REDMAGIC brand, is designed to keep your device running at its optimal temperature during even the most intense gaming sessions.

The REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4 boasts a powerful upgrade, delivering an impressive 15W of cooling power. It's equipped with the cutting-edge REDMAGIC ICE 4.0 cooling technology, which can reduce your device's temperature by a remarkable 26°C. Say goodbye to overheating and hello to uninterrupted gaming.

This cooler is no ordinary accessory; it's a technological marvel. It uses semiconductor cooling technology, smartly adjusting its cooling power through an AI-powered algorithm. This not only prevents overheating but also increases cooling efficiency by an astounding 20%. With Frequency Conversion Control, your device remains cool even during extended gaming marathons.

Experience flagship-level cooling performance with the high 15W power output and the inclusion of a TEC cooling chip. The REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4 delivers immediate and substantial cooling effects, ensuring your device performs at its peak, no matter how demanding your game is.

Crafted with premium materials and an innovative structure, this cooler features a high-speed fan with 7 low-noise blades and a 47-blade aluminum alloy cooler. It also incorporates a custom TEC cooling plate and an innovative wind tunnel design, ensuring efficient and effective cooling.

The days of noisy gaming interruptions are over. Thanks to improved fan blade design and enhanced airflow, the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4 offers whisper-quiet operation, with noise levels as low as 33dB. You can now fully immerse yourself in your game, even when the fan is running at full speed.

For added convenience, the cooler includes a mechanical control button that allows you to adjust cooling settings with ease. Choose between two modes for fast cooling when you need it most.

Designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, the ergonomic wing design ensures it won't obstruct your hand movements, giving you complete flexibility and control during your gaming sessions.

The REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4 is widely compatible, making it a perfect fit for mainstream phone models. Its durability and adjustable tension spring ensure compatibility with devices ranging in width from 66mm to 87mm.

To top it off, your investment is backed by a solid 6-month warranty provided by ExSubs Store.

Enhance your gaming setup with the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4 and enjoy superior cooling, reduced noise, and uninterrupted gameplay. Stay cool and maintain peak gaming performance with this innovative cooler. Upgrade your gaming experience today!

We sincerely thank Redmagic for granting us permission to use their product photos.

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